Church Services at LCCC

by Irene Schroers

Here we go again with another great summer of church at Lake Cavanaugh. Our services will start on June 10 at 10 am with Pastor Nelson officiating. Kathy Nelson, the pastor’s wife, plays the piano to make our worship songs and singing much richer. Pastor Nelson was our very interesting main pastor from last year. Whenever he isn’t able to preach we have others that share God’s word in their own unique way.

If you’ve never attended the non-denominational Cavanaugh Community Church you’re in for a treat-literally. After listening and learning about God’s word we have coffee, cookies, cake (or whatever some of us bring) and have time to share with each other and solve the world’s problems, in a Godly way of course… Hope to see you every Sunday for a Christ centered service at the Community Center at 10 am until September 9, 2018.


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