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As lake residents, we have an obligation and responsibility to read, review and share the Washington State Boating Safety Rules and Regulations with friends, family and visitors. As our lake community grows, and we have more boating activity, we must be even more aware of the rules and be more kind and courteous to all of our lake neighbors. You may think that you have been on the lake a long time and know all the rules; however, it is always beneficial to read and review the information, especially since there are some periodic changes. We may assume that our families are aware of correct boating safety or are old enough to know correct operating procedures; however, it doesn’t hurt to review the rules and regulations supplement in your May newsletter and on our web site with all age groups and family members. I would also suggest sharing with family the in depth articles included in this newsletter that explain why some of these laws have been implemented. Dare I to suggest that this be good “coffee table” reading material for all to see?! Some visitors are unfamiliar with lake activities and may not realize that there are guidelines/laws to follow to ensure everyone’s safety. A few residents rent their properties/cabins, and as a “landlord,” it is your responsibility to keep your renters informed of our safety standards and the laws, as written and established by Washington State. I believe that most of our lake infractions are due, in part, to our lake residents forgetting or neglecting to share the rules with their visitors.

By being a good role model with regard to boating safety, we teach our children and grandchildren the best possible safety standards. If we break the law by allowing our children to: pilot a boat underage, ski or tube with no flagger, to ignore the 5 MPH/ no wake zone or disregard sunrise/sunset rules; we provide an extremely poor example and are teaching them to break the law! Adhering to the Washington State boating safety laws on the water is no different then adhering to the laws of the road when behind the wheel of a car.

We also have a duty to share and remind our immediate neighbors to either side of us of boating safety rules. When we’re having fun, sometimes we forget small simple rules, and a friendly reminder from a neighbor would be appreciated.  In doing so, we will become better acquainted and make new friends while becoming more knowledgeable and continuing our efforts to reach all residents around the lake concerning safety. Sharing boating safety rules with your neighbors will help achieve a community spirit and build camaraderie, as well as, influence good neighborly communication.

We are also looking for committee volunteers. Your duties would consist of monitoring our lake, sharing rules with our neighbors, and submitting fresh ideas and input as to how to keep our lake safe. Please contact us at 360.668.9661 or 360.422.7604 if you are interested in helping or if you have any questions or comments. Or e-mail me at

Be safe and sane out there, and have a fun boating season!

Larita Humble


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