Teak Surfing

UPDATE: “TEAK SURFING” By Larita Humble Boating Safety Committee
Last year I reported on a fad called “teak surfing” or “teak dragging.” This thrill sport involves an individual clinging onto the rear swim platform or “teak swim step” of a speeding boat. A wake builds up behind the boat allowing a person to “body surf.”  By playing this game you are endangering yourself by having your face be in the direct stream of carbon monoxide gas from the boat’s engine. Asphyxiation and death can occur in as little as 60 seconds.
Governor Christine Gregoire recently signed a new law stating that the boat owner can be fined a maximum $100 for allowing someone to teak surf, dive, body surf or hold onto the swim deck on the back of the boat. Exceptions are allowed for someone briefly occupying the swim platform, deck, or swim ladder to help the boat depart or dock, or while entering or exiting the boat. This law was put into effect in memory of 2 young women that drowned from carbon monoxide asphyxiation in 2 separate teak surfing accidents on Lake Tapps in 2003.

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