LC Water Quality & LC Water Level Data

Water Quality Monitoring at Lake Cavanaugh & Water Level Data

 by Jim Roberts 

A Bit of Background

As those of us who use the lake already know, the quality of the lake water is unusually good.  The water remains very clear and unpolluted.   There are sufficient nutrients to support good fishing, yet it is not so rich that we have any excessive weed growth.  Only accasionally do we experience an algae bloom….and even then it seems to last for only a few days.  We have a wonderful lake.

The water quality monitoring program was conceived and initiated back in 2005 by Jim Carlson for the purpose of acquiring a baseline of data that would enable us to detect any undesireable changes in the water quality.  Dennis Katte assumed the leadership early on and worked to make it an integral part of the Lake Cavanaugh Improvement Association’s supported activities with sufficient funding to achieve its purpose.  The Water Quality Chairmanship and responsibility for the monthly testing has more recently been passed on to Jim Roberts, but Dennis continues to take the lead in pursuing special water-related issues as they arise.

What We Measure

Our ongoing water testing program involves of monthly tests during the summer months, May through September.  Each month the following parameters are measured:

  • Water temperature vs depth
  • Oxygen content and pH at 56 foot and 10 foot depths
  • Clarity, maximum Secci disk depth of visibility
  • Fecal coliform count in samples taken at six different near-shore locations around the lake.

Water Quality Reports:

Water Quality Report 5.16

LC Water Level Data:

LC Lake Level Summary Aug 3

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