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In April 2018 six tracts of timber land totaling 296 acres on Frailey’s north side were sold to Nielsen Brothers Inc. DNR approved their application to log four of the six tracts. Nielsen is awaiting approval from Skagit County to build an access road on County right-of-way on 33242 South Shore which abuts their land.

18.4 acres are initially slated to be logged, but this might be just the first step. The property they bought is located above the back lots starting at 33024 South Shore and extending eastward to 34559 South Shore (almost to the Community Center). The planned cuts contain steep slopes up to 80 degrees and seven streams. Homeowners everywhere on the lake should be concerned about potential run-off, slides, mudflows, herbicide run-off; slide damage and possible road destruction.

A slide in 2015 cost one owner $6k to clean up; State agencies declared it an “act of God” and denied any responsibility. Another in 2003 cost the owner $15k. Steep clear-cut grades do not absorb water—ground becomes saturated and slides. Think about Oso.

The Lake Cavanaugh Trust was formed 25+ years ago to fight logging issues around the lake. The issue then was logging on Frailey. We succeeded then and stopped the logging but the issue has resurfaced.

The Trust is now gearing up to fight this timber harvest. Although we would like to think we can stop all logging again, it may not be entirely possible. We will first try to moderate the logging to ensure it’s done safely and environmentally correct. But further litigation might be required. Appeals and litigation cost money. The initial appeal estimate is $8,000 and subsequent litigation, if needed, considerably more. We’ve retained legal counsel and will appeal by the deadline of November 10. The appeal will be to DNR, Office of Attorney General and the Pollution Control Hearings Board.

To afford any of this WE NEED YOU TO HELP US. We all come to the lake for different reasons but on the bottom line it comes down to the pristine waters and environment.



Talk to your neighbors. Donate to the Lake Cavanaugh Trust to preserve what we all love. Call us with any questions you might have.

Cathy Katte, President:
P: 206-829-0212


Dennis Katte
P: 206-734-1288


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