Dumpster Days Re-Cap July 9, 2016

By: Dennis Katte

Dumpster Day was July 9 and was the fourth year the event was one day only. Over the years, we’ve had diminishing attendance and revenues, mostly due to the remodels, modernizations, and replacement of lots of the hand-me-downs so many of us had before upgrading. The rummage sale was a booming success with more contributions and consequently more leftovers added to the dumpster, yet after filling the first, the second was only 15% full.

We collected $720 at the dumpsters and Mick Steinman took 1500 pounds of scrap metal to Seattle Iron earning another $36 (and reducing the dumpster charges by about $75). We don’t have the final Waste Management invoice yet but we expect to break even. Last year’s costs were $850 and we filled 1 ½ dumpsters, so this year’s charges should be somewhat less.

Due to diminishing usage we are strongly considering ordering only one dumpster next year. Dumpster Day is an LCIA event benefitting all property owners, and we will continue to offer it as a service to our members. It offers an easy and convenient solution to cleanup with just a short trip rather than carting it home with costs similar to any other dumpsite location.

Our “dumpstaff” this year was Shannon O’Kelley, Fred Stoll, Art Rorvik, Brent Humble, Rich Wagner and son Damian, Greg Morgan, Hoyt Bonar, Del Lawton, and Mick Steinman. Special thanks to Hoyt’s 8 year old son Arly, who was keeping up with all of us and sweeping, loading and taking things apart to see how they work.

http://snohomishcountywa.gov/530/Recycling. Provides locations for Snohomish County recycling disposal sites for appliances, automotive products, etc.

http://snohomishcountywa.gov/477/Hazardous-Waste. Provides locations for Snohomish County hazardous waste disposal sites.

http://www.hazwastehelp.org/ Provides locations for King County hazardous waste disposal and recycling sites.

http://www.skagitcounty.net/Departments/PublicWorksSolidWaste/recyclemain.htm. Provides locations for Skagit County recycling disposal sites for appliances, automotive products, hazardous wastes, etc.

Our volunteers will work two hour shifts, if you wish to help out, please contact me at dennis.katte@frontier.com or 425-771-7780, cell 206-734-1288.


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