Fishing Derby Information

by Wayne Kruse

Sport fishers on Lake Cavanaugh have a chance this summer of winning a substantial prize (it ain’t gonna make you independently wealthy, but hey….) for catching a trout tagged and planted by the Washington Department of fish and wildlife. There may be one or more, WDFW won’t say how many, rainbows of about 10 inches with a yellow tag near the dorsal fin. Catch a tagged fish, call the number listed on the tag for instructions on how to redeem your prize, and pick up your goodie (be sure to save the tag)

This is the second year for the state-sponsored derby, and it will offer over $25,000 in prizes for tagged rainbow in over 100 lakes around the state. Most of the prizes are gift cards for $25, $50 and up, plus rods and reels, tackle, fishing trips, resort stayovers and more. The derby runs from opening day of the general trout season, April 22, through Oct. 31, and it’s obviously a program to sell fishing licenses.

This will be the first year Cavanaugh has been included in the derby. Other lakes in the area which have received tagged trout are Clear Lake, Heart, McMurray, Sixteen, Bosworth, Ki, Martha (Alderwood Manor) Riley, Silver and Storm.
The Prizes are donated by tackle shops and other entities which sell fishing and hunting licenses, and the state tries to plant tagged trout in a lake near the business that donated its prize.

For more information, call 360-902-2464


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