Lake Cavanaugh Fire Department

By Scott A. Lemke, Chief   (May 2018)

Join me in a show of gratitude to the 25 Volunteers of the Lake Cavanaugh Volunteer Fire Department. THANK YOU!

Congratulations to Dominic Herrick, Paul Huddleston, and Kyle Miller. In the last year Dominic completed a Firefighter recruit academy, Paul completed Wild Land Firefighting training and received his Red Card while Kyle took the EMT course and became certified.

Volunteer Firefighter/EMT’s spend considerable personal time each year training for, and responding to emergency incidents. These friends and neighbors drop whatever they’re doing — night or day, holiday’s, bad weather or good — to respond to the community’s emergencies. It’s reassuring to know when you or a loved one is having a medical emergency; is in a car wreck; or your house is on fire, that trained, experienced, volunteer emergency responders will be there in a matter of minutes.

Watch and take advantage of our big summer events, like the Fire Department Open House/Pancake Breakfast and the Once Around Lake Cavanaugh Fun Run. This is a great time to meet our members and check out our outstanding equipment.

Considering volunteering with us. It’s rewarding and doesn’t take as much time as you think. Not everyone has to carry a fire hose into a burning house; anyone over 18 can contribute to the emergency response effort. Please stop by the Lake Cavanaugh Fire Station during one of our drill nights at 6:00 or feel free to call me anytime.

Things to remember:
* Spring is the time to replace smoke detector batteries
* After the snowy winter, make sure your address sign is visible from the road
* Might be a good time to clean and inspect your chimney
* Remember that are roads are narrow, so be careful when parking along them
* Green flashing lights on a vehicle indicate a volunteer is responding to a call
* Have fun and be safe

Scott Lemke    360-303-3997

LCFD 2018 Drill Schedule (6pm at the Fire Station)

May 8 & 27 (Pancake Breakfast), Jun 5 & 19, Jul 10 & 24, Aug 7 (Fun Run) & 21

Sep 11 & 25, Oct 9 & 23, Nov 6 & 20, Dec 4 & 19 (Christmas Dinner)

2018 Lake Cavanaugh Fire Department Members

BRENON, GLENDA       Firefighter

COOPER, JACK              Firefighter


DEKAY, ALEATA            Firefighter/EMT

DOMBY, CHUCK            Firefighter

HAWK, LARRY Jr.          Lieutenant/Comm

HAWK, LARRY               Firefighter

HERRICK, DOMINIC     Firefighter

HOFSTAD, JOEL             Firefighter

HOUSNER, ROBERT      Firefighter/EMT

HUDDLESTON, PAUL    Firefighter

HUSTON, DENNIS         Captain/EMT

LEMKE, SCOTT              Fire Chief/EMT

MILLER, JEAN               Comm

MILLER, KYLE              Firefighter/EMT

PAUR, SARA                Firefighter/EMT

PEPPER, ERIC                 Lieutenant/EMT


SEARING, DAVE            Firefighter/Comm

SEARING, DEBBIE        Firefighter/EMT

SISLEY, JAKE                 Lieutenant/EMT

SISLEY, LEROY              Captain/EMT

SPAETH, HARLEY         Lieutenant/EMT

SWANSON, LUCAS        Firefighter


SWANSON, VIC              Asst. Chief/EMT

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