Lake Cavanaugh Fire Department

New Volunteer Firefighter’s/EMT’s Always Welcome!

Lake Cavanaugh Fire  Department volunteers spend considerable personal time each year training for,  and responding to, emergency incidents. These friends and neighbors drop  whatever they’re doing — night or day, holiday or not, bad weather or good — to  respond to someone else’s dire emergency. It’s reassuring to know when you or a  loved one is having a heart attack, stroke or other medical emergency; is  trapped upside-down in a wrecked car; or your house is on fire, that trained,  experienced, Lake Cavanaugh Fire Department emergency responders will be there  in a matter of minutes.

Consider volunteering with  the Lake Cavanaugh Fire Department. It’s rewarding and doesn’t take as much  time as you think. Not everyone has to carry a fire hose into a burning house;  anyone over 18 can contribute to the emergency response effort. Please stop by  the Lake Cavanaugh Fire Station during one of our drill nights at 6:00 or feel  free to call me anytime.

Scott Lemke    360-422-6803 or 360-303-3997

LCFD 2017 Drill Schedule (6pm at the Fire Station)

Jan 17 & 31, Feb 7 & 21, Mar 14 & 28, Apr 4 & 18, May 9 & 28, Jun 13 & 27

Jul 11 & 25, Aug 5 & 22, Sep 13 & 27, Oct 3 & 24, Nov 7 & 21, Dec 5 & 21

2017 Lake Cavanaugh Fire Department Members

BRENON, GLENDA       Firefighter

COOPER, JACK              Firefighter


DEKAY, ALEATA            Firefighter/EMT

DOMBY, CHUCK            Firefighter

HAWK, LARRY Jr.          Lieutenant/Comm

HAWK, LARRY               Firefighter

HERRICK, DOMINIC     Firefighter

HOFSTAD, JOEL             Firefighter

HOUSNER, ROBERT      Firefighter/EMT

HUSTON, DENNIS         Captain/EMT

LEMKE, HOWARD         Firefighter

LEMKE, SCOTT              Fire Chief/EMT

MILLER, JEAN               Comm

MILLER, JEFF                 Firefighter/EMT

MILLER, KYLE              Firefighter

PAUR, SARAH                Firefighter/EMT

PEPPER, ERIC                 Lieutenant/EMT


SEARING, DAVE            Firefighter/Comm

SEARING, DEBBIE        Firefighter/EMT

SISLEY, JAKE                 Lieutenant/EMT

SISLEY, LEROY              Captain/EMT

SPAETH, HARLEY         Firefighter/EMT

SWANSON, LUCAS        Firefighter


SWANSON, VIC              Asst. Fire Chief/EMT

SWANSON, VICTOR      Firefighter/EMT


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