Lake Cavanaugh Trust

Lake Cavanaugh Trust

Frailey Logging Temporarily Blocked - May 2019

At this time the Lake Cavanaugh Trust is not seeking new donations; but, please be aware that if any legal action appears imminent, the Trust will seek help again. 

Frailey Mountain Update

It has been a quiet four months since the Lake Cavanaugh Trust received official notice from our law firm that Nielsen Brothers Logging withdrew their FPAR (Forest Practice Application Request) to log their parcels of land on South Shore Drive. The FPAR was withdrawn after DNR required a geological survey be done on one of the parcels that bordered an alluvial fan and also had a proposed logging road (by Nielsen Brothers) over the same alluvial fan. Concerns over slope instability caused DNR to mandate the survey. A judgement would be made upon receipt of the subsequent geological survey by DNR: rejection of request, approval, or approval with DNR limitations. Nielsen chose not to initiate the survey and consequently withdrew the FPAR.

The Lake Cavanaugh Trust has been monitoring DNR for any new FPARs on all land surrounding the lake. There is no new action to report on the parcels of land owned by Nielsen Brothers Logging on South Shore Drive/Frailey Mountain. We will continue to monitor the situation.

In late April Nielsen Brothers logged 12.9 acres of a 16 acre parcel bordering Bamboo Lane and North Shore Drive. This was purchased on 7/03/2018 from a Lake Cavanaugh property owner. There are three wetland areas within the parcel and Nielsen Brothers complied with all DNR regulations. No spraying was applied for.

At this time we are not seeking new donations; but, please be aware that when any legal action appears imminent, we will again seek your help.

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Lake Cavanaugh Trust

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