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Lake Cavanaugh Trust

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Frailey Mountain Update - January 2020

The Lake Cavanaugh Trust has been working since October 2018 on the Frailey Mountain logging issue.  Here is the latest update to the proposed logging.  Our lawyer filed an appeal on October 03, 2019 with the Pollution Control Hearing Board (PCHB) in Olympia.  The date for the appeal trial is set for April 21-23, 2020 in Bellingham.  We are now in the discovery period facing a deadline of January 27, 2020 during which we prepare evidence to substantiate our claims that this logging application should be classified as a Class IV Special, which would require Nielsen do a SEPA on the proposed logging area.  PCHB will decide at the appeal trial if there is enough evidence to warrant a SEPA.  We are convinced a SEPA will severely affect Nielsen’s logging plans in our favor. 

The Trust has hired 2 witnesses:  a geologist and a wetlands expert.  Each will walk the proposed timber cut areas, do their analysis and write a summary of their collected data.  All of this must be done before January 27th.  Our law firm estimated a cost of $40,000 to $70,000 which includes expert witnesses, lawyer’s consultation, time, preparation of legal documents, all leading up to and including the trial.  

There is also another group from the lake that is involved in a civil suit with Skagit County.  Their suit involves Road B, east access road to the timber parcels.  This was a privately owned back lot at 33242 on S. Shore Dr. purchased by Nielsen Brothers for a logging access road.  The group’s lawyer claim a violation of the governing land use covenants set forth within the subdivision & challenged the legality of this parcel being used for a commercial purpose.  The suits cannot be combined since DNR and Skagit County are different entities.   We have been talking and assisting each other.  We are both working for the same end—-stop the timber harvest.  

What does this all mean?  The Trust will need more money to continue the legal fight.  Many of you told us that if more money was needed you would give more.  We now need that help.  

We ask that you donate an amount you feel comfortable with.  Talk to your neighbors.  Donate to the Lake Cavanaugh Trust to preserve what we all love. 

Mail checks payable to:  Lake Cavanaugh Trust and send to:  

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Cathy Katte, President

Kimberle Brown, Treasurer

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Lake Cavanaugh Trust

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