Lake Level Update (May 2017)

by Joe Geivett

For those of you looking to the lake level for excitement due to the poor start for the Mariners, I have bad news. It is fairly uneventful presently. As of April 12 the lake level is at 1010.46……exactly average for this time of year over the last 5 years.

Despite the slides in Oso and some heavy rainfalls, the water into the lake has been fairly spread out throughout the winter. Snow came and went frequently without massive accumulations and melt offs. Creeks ran pretty steady over the winter and we sit very healthy for the upcoming summer. The high level over the winter was 1012.1 on March 16th (compared to normal peak of around 1013.0 and an all-time recorded high of 1015.6). Low levels last summer were at 1009.29 in August with most of the summer hovering around 1009.5-1010.1.

In April of 2015 we were at about the same level as present when a drought started and the lake dropped to its lowest recorded level in recent memory at 1008.6. It is hard to predict what the lake will do, but normal conditions would see the lake move up to about 1011.0 in the next month and then start its slow march to 1009.5 by August. It would stay in that range for until the Fall brings some more water.

We will continue to monitor the level and get you an update. Hopefully the Mariners will win some games and you will not need to look to the lake level for excitement. Now for me to get back to the lab!

See Lake Cavanauth Lake Level graph at the LCIA May 27 meeting.

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