Lake Level Update – Normal is Good! (June 2018)

By Joe Geivett

Welcome back to Summer. Time for some quick numbers regarding the lake level activity over the winter. As of June 11 the lake level is 1009.90’ above sea level. The normal for this time of year is 1009.73 (average over the last 5 years) so I would say we are set for a pretty typical year.
A normal year will have the lake at about this level until mid-July when it dries out enough that the streams stop contributing much water and the lake starts a steady decline of about 8 inches through the end of August where it stays at the 1009.2 range until October when the rains fill it up again.
Without a heavy snowfall this last winter, we did not even threaten the 2013 record high of 1015.6! Our high occurred on February 5, 2018 with an elevation of 1013.44. Our low was September 17, 2017 with 1009.07. That 4.4 feet of water is about a 1.3 Billion gallon difference between the high and low water.
Hope you all have a safe summer. We will keep the team monitoring the lake gauge and will report if something exciting happens. However, I would not hold out for much drama.

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