LCIA Membership update

In order to maintain an accurate database, the LCIA asks our community members to keep their information up to date! In addition to paying annual LCIA dues, please click on this link and complete this form so we can make updates to the LCIA membership database.  We especially need current email information because we will be registering all LCIA members in good standing automatically and sending you this login information via email.  Hopefully this will alleviate problems people have been having with logging onto the members only section of the website.

For dues payments, you can pay via PayPal via or write a check if you haven’t done so already.  There is a link on the forms page so you can easily get there before or after you’ve filled out the form.

Checks can made out to LCIA and mailed to 35022 South Shore Drive, Mount Vernon, WA 98274-9362. If you choose to pay cash, please do so in-person at a LCIA meeting.

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