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The Lake Cavanaugh Improvement Association  (LCIA) is intended to provide a means of informing the Lake Cavanaugh community  of news and activities of interest to the members. It also provides a way to  respond as a community to actions of local government and businesses.

Membership dues for the LCIA are $40.00 per  year, Gift subscriptions to the newsletter are $20.00 per year.

Pay your Dues and Donation online (PayPal)

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  1. Paid – for Membership Kurt and Bev Wold, + 2 Associate Memberships Kevin and Erik Wold.. all renewals.

  2. Our family has one full membership and four associate memberships for each of our four adult children. Well worth the money, because each receives the newsletter, discounted directory, and other member benefits.

  3. Maryann Purkey

    Membership renewed for Maryann and Jim Purkey

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