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The Lake Cavanaugh Improvement Association  (LCIA) is intended to provide a means of informing the Lake Cavanaugh community  of news and activities of interest to the members. It also provides a way to  respond as a community to actions of local government and businesses.

Membership dues for the LCIA are $50.00 per  year (Dues for 2019 were increased to $50/year)               Gift subscriptions to the newsletter are $20.00 per year.

Pay your Dues and Donation online (PayPal)

To update Directory Information, please e-mail any changes to:




  1. I signed up last October. I have not received anything? What did I pay for?

  2. Michele, you will be receiving the LCIA May newsletter shortly.

  3. I am not sure when my annual dues need renewal. How can I find WHEN I last paid dues?

  4. Marilyn & Jim Stroncek

    Ditto what Gary said. Is there or could there be somewhere on line that we could check whether we’re paid up or not? Seems like every year I wonder and have to call and check.

  5. There is no donation form associated with the dues page. Just associate dues.

  6. Also need pswd to access minutes so we can receive via mail to help save $.

  7. How do u get a current paid for membership.

  8. Rosemary Magnusson

    Ditto to most comments here. There used to be a system in place to remind you if you were paid for the current year. Paid date was added to to your name on the mailing labels. That was of course before electronics were used instead of mailing labels. Could we maybe do something similar? Never did get directory this year or last. Do you need an extra fee for that? Seems to me that was par of the dues $$

  9. Rosemary Magnusson

    See above

  10. We have renewed again, but can’t say we have ever seen a newsletter. Nor did we receive a password in order to look online at Lake C news and such.
    Either, yet both would be great!

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