Message from the LCIA President (August 2018)

by Rob Pattermann – LCIA President

The warmth and sunshine of our summer continues, as we all enjoy the splendor of Lake Cavanaugh. The activity level continues to increase as our family and friends experience the “fun” and sun” of the lake as well.

The July 2018 newsletter was sent out only electronically. Please remember that our August and September newsletters will again be mailed (or sent electronically if you prefer) to LCIA members only.

At our last LCIA general meeting on Saturday, July 7th, we gave updates on our projects and other items of interest impacting property owners on the lake.

At our last board meeting the board voted to prioritize your input into the proposed paving project. We will do two things:

  1. At our next general meeting (Aug 4th @ 1:00PM) we will present the project in more detail and answer your questions.
  2. At our final general meeting for 2018 (September 1st @ 1:00PM) we will take a vote of those LCIA members present to determine if we should move ahead with the project.

As stated, we will NOT begin this project until all funds are raised, your questions are answered and a vote of our membership is approved.

  I want to reiterate the reasons the board felt this paving project is important:

  1. Paving of our LCCC parking lot will represent the final phase of our Lake Cavanaugh community center construction project.
  2. Paving would allow us to have additional space for our outdoor LCIA & community events such as dances, the craft fair, & rummage sales.
  3. Additional “hard” surface parking can increase the “attractive” nature of our facility as a rental space for special events such as weddings, memorials, birthday & anniversary parties.
  4. Long term decreased maintenance costs as we will no longer deal with issues such as potholes, spraying gravel and other problems brought about from gravel parking.

For the paving project, we have set a fund-raising goal of $25,000 to “GO PAVE ME! With over $2,500 already raised for this project. Donations may be sent to Matt Douglas, LCIA Treasurer; 33561 S. Shore Dr; Mount Vernon, WA

 Your LCIA continues to monitor the progress of the county SMP (Shoreline Management Project) and other issues that may impact our property owners at Lake Cavanaugh. The county has still not moved ahead with any proposal. Updates when available, will be posted on our website and be a part of our general meetings. Stay tuned.

The Fourth of July parade and ice cream social was another huge success as participants enjoyed the warm weather and creativity of those involved in the parade. Many thanks to the volunteers and Joe & Barbara Busby for again organizing this event!

As we “round” the corner on July and look forward to August, remember the annual “Once Around Lake Cavanaugh” fun walk/run on Saturday, August 4th and of course over the Labor Day weekend we will again enjoy the many activities and events of the 34th Annual Lake Cavanaugh Fun Fest. See this newsletter for a schedule of activities and events.

Finally, we want to again encourage all area residents to join the LCIA. Our membership numbers currently exceed 180 members. If every current LCIA member would recruit one new member (or old member!) to our group our membership would be the highest ever! The strength of our numbers keeps us a viable community voice when dealing with matters of mutual concern either with the county or that otherwise impact us all at Lake Cavanaugh.

See you at the lake! All the best.

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