Message from the LCIA President (October 2018)

President’s letter for October 2018:

By: Rob Pattermann 

 Can anyone remember a better summer for beautiful weather at Lake Cavanaugh!

Our final general meeting of the season (September 1) is now complete.  Many items were voted on by our membership and all were approved. 

A “BIG” congratulations to Brent & Larita Humble for being  recognized as our “Service Above Self” community award winners! Their years of service to our community with landscape design and maintenance around our Community Center, and many other volunteer activities certainly deserve this recognition. Thank you Brent  & Larita for all you have done in our Lake Cavanaugh community!

New officers were also elected at the final meeting. LCIA officers for 2019 are:

President  Gary Duvall   Trustee     Chris Kane
Vice President Shannon O’Kelley   Trustee     Mick Steinman
Secretary  Christine Nielsen   Trustee       Dan Pugerude
Treasurer  Matt Douglas   Trustee      Larita Humble

Through the summer the LCIA board has explored options for completing the Community Center parking lot through our “Go Pave Me” campaign. From the onset we said this would not be done without membership approval and the necessary funds to support the project. Although the entire parking lot will not be paved at this time, membership did approve funds to extend the concrete portion of our parking area. Membership approved “Option B” which approves $12,000 to fund this project. Over half of these funds (approximately $6,000) have been raised through the“Go Pave Me” campaign and other charitable donations. Board member Mick Steinman will coordinate the project as we target spring 2019 for completion. 

Labor Day “FunFest” was another great success this year. Thank you to Mellissa O’Kelley and all the event coordinators for their time and efforts to organize these many lake activities! From the Art & Craft Show to the Golf Tournament, Hobie Races, Horseshoe Tournament, & Kids’ games, a great time was had by all who participated.

As we draw our time of meetings and summer activities to a close, our LCIA will still be looking for Volunteers to help with our lake activities. We would still like to hold our annual rummage sale. If you are interested or would be willing to “team” with a group for this event, please contact a LCIA board member. We also are looking for a volunteer to head up the website. If this is an area of interest, or if you know of someone that could be recruited, again please contact any LCIA board member.

A special “Thanks” go to all our volunteers that help our LCIA remain a vital part of our Lake Cavanaugh Community. Sue Henriksen for the Newsletter; Robin Gibaut for our database and website management; Barbara Busby for Community Center management; Larita (Tweetie) Humble for Community Center landscaping; and of course each board member for the hours of extra service they put in to ensure that your LCIA remains actively engaged in meeting the needs of our community.  A big “Thank You!” to these and all who volunteer!

Your LCIA will continue to monitor the progress of the county SMP (Shoreline Management Project) and any other issues that may impact our property owners at Lake Cavanaugh. Updates, when available, will be posted on our website.

Just a reminder that winter activities are alive and well at Lake Cavanaugh! “Year Rounders” carry a busy social schedule that anyone “on lake” is welcome to attend. These activities include: bridge, ladies bunco, book club, garden club & Bible Study. Happy Hours also continue on the third Saturday of each month from 4-6. Contact any board member or talk to a “year rounder” if you have an interest in participating in any of these activities. 

Finally, it has been my pleasure to serve as your LCIA President these past two years. Our by-laws limit each president to a two-year tenure. I will continue to volunteer as needed for service and activities in the future. Until next spring!

See you at the lake!  All the best.  

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