Shoreline Management Program

7/20/16 Update: Another change for reviewing the SMP. The new date is September 6, 2016. This is the third change they have made for considering our concerns at Lake Cavanaugh. That may be a good sign: They are giving us careful consideration and aren’t jumping to a final word. Plan on joining me for that meeting in Mt. Vernon so we can have a good showing at the meeting. We likely will not have opportunity to speak, but our physical presence could make a difference.

Last February we were informed that Skagit County officers are continuing the process of reviewing regulations that impact residents on waterfront in the County.  Their primary objective is to preserve the integrity of the shoreline of all bodies of water in the county in order to preserve the natural beauty of the environment.  In order to meet that end, the Shoreline Management Program was instituted to review, assess, and govern those bodies of water and involve the residents as stewards of that endeavor. The Shoreline Management Program is a process that is ongoing; we are in the middle of an important phase.  Some of you were among the 80 residents who attended the April 19 meeting at the Community Center and heard from Betsy Stevenson who represents Skagit County.  We are continuing these negotiations with the significant assistance from our attorney, Jeff Eustis.  He has done an excellent job in isolating the concerns of Lake residents, focusing primarily on dock dimensions and setbacks.  In the near future, Jeff, I, and other Board Members will be in conversation with County Commissioners to emphasize the uniqueness of Lake Cavanaugh and convince them that the exceptions that we request are reasonable and fair.  Attached is the statement that was forwarded to the County that spells out our rationale and argument.  Also attached is the resolution that was submitted in 2014. You can also review the following link for additional information:

Dan Pugerude, President


Skagit County SMP Public Comment Draft 2.16

2014 LCIA Resolution

2016-4-4 LCIA Dock & Setback _Proposals

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