The 2024 Lake Cavanaugh Season is upon us. As I write this it looks and feels like Spring. It’s time to open our cottages, dust off the cobwebs and get out to meet and greet old friends and new. The Fire Department’s first fund raising event will be our annual Open House and Lake Wear Sale on May 26th. Our design team has selected several items that we are sure will appeal to all ages. We heard you last year when you said you wanted to see more items for kids. Our team made that happen. Once again, we have limited numbers of items. The new Sweatshirts are always popular, so if you want to get your “Cavanaugh On” show up early to our event. Open House starts at 9:00AM till Noon.

Looking down the road a bit, I want to remind you that the Fun Run will happen in August. We are going to try to get the ok to have bikers as well. Between now and then, we are looking for a creative “someone” to design our Fun Run Shirts. We encourage everyone to submit a picture of your design by June 15th. We are even encouraging our Kids Club to submit entries. PM me your artwork via our Facebook page. This should be lots of fun.

In closing, I would personally like to invite anyone and everyone to join our auxiliary team. There are no age requirements. We have a lot of fun and it is very rewarding to raise funds for our volunteer fire department that isn’t otherwise given by the county. This past winter we were able to purchase a trailer for our Fire Boat. Previously the boat has been housed in a shed near the boat launch. It is hard to get the boat in and out of its berth using the existing antiquated system. After building Station 2, we now have a dry place to store the Fireboat all year that will allow easy access via our new and improved boat launch. This saves a lot of time getting the boat in the water if there is an emergency.

Just a reminder that 100% of all Auxiliary Fund- Raising money is specifically allotted for goods and equipment for our LC fire department. We truly appreciate every dollar you contribute throughout the season to Lake Cavanaugh Fire. In addition, we are always looking for new fire recruits. If you would like to join this team, please speak to one of our volunteers at Open House.

Invitation to the Community
Design the 2024 Fun Run T-Shirt!

Send your artwork, by June 15th, to Carol Pletz

In May we will pick the designs that stand out and let you all vote for the winner.