The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has always been the authority responsible for setting Skagit County burn bans. Their regular moisture readings of the vegetation across the county inform their decision on yearly burn bans. For the past two years, a few leaders in other districts have been advocating for changes to the existing burn ban policy. District 7 (Lake Cavanaugh) leadership (Chief and Commissioners) have advocated staying aligned with the DNR’s burn ban authority.

The proposed revisions to the burn ban policy include setting the specific dates of June 15 through October 1 or later, depending on weather conditions. Proponents of the revised burn ban have raised concerns that our county may adopt a similar stance to our other adjoining counties, which have permanent burn bans in place. This could significantly impact our rural areas and how we manage our land. One of the arguments in favor of the proposed burn ban is that it would assist with time management for those living in rural areas. They often have piles that need burning. By the time it dries out enough, the DNR burn bans take effect, leaving them unable to burn their debris.

At our commissioner’s meeting in May, your District 7 leadership agreed that we support NO CHANGES to policy, staying aligned with the DNR. This decision was based on the many successful years of existing policy working for our community.

Skagit County is currently reviewing the proposed changes to the burn ban policy. The Skagit County Fire Marshal stated that it is now going for review by the three County commissioners. We have provided feedback and options at the county fire commissioner’s meetings. Despite the potential benefits of a more flexible approach, their focus remained on setting specific dates.

Your feedback to these proposed changes is important. Our county commissioner for District 2 of Skagit County is Peter Browning and public comments can be sent by email to or phone number 360-416-1300. More information about the county commissioners and their meetings is available HERE.

“Please let them know we want to be exempt from the country’s burn ban dates and let DNR set out burn bans. Skagit County Fire Protection Dist. #7


Skagit County Fire Protection District 7 Commissioners Larry Hawk, Dave Searing, and Mark Henry

Contact Larry Hawk at 360.422.8302 or 253.906.3754 for questions.