Lake Cavanaugh Water Safety

By Debbie Small

This time of year signals enjoyment of water activities. Carry a copy of the Skagit County Boating Regulations in your boat.

Review the boating regulations with your family and guests and those using your property/equipment. Review your liability insurance to make sure you are covered in the event of an accident involving family, friends, and guests.

Boating regulations address the operation of powerboats, sailing craft, paddleboards, kayaks/canoes, personal watercraft, as well as deepwater swimmers and divers.
Note that paddleboarders must have a lifejacket ONBOARD and a noise-producing device such as a whistle just as other watercraft.
Washington State Boaters Education Cards are required of all 12 years of age and older (those born before 1955 are exempt): . The age for operating 10HP or more is 14 years old unless accompanied by a person legally capable of operating the vessel.
There is a “NO WAKE” Zone on Lake Cavanaugh: 150 feet from docks, floats, other vessels, or the shore.
Waterskiing must proceed in a counter-clockwise direction and only from ½ hour after sunrise to ½ hour after sunset.
For emergencies call 911. To report a non-emergency call the Sheriff’s office at 360.336.9456
Be safe and enjoy.