Lake Cavanaugh Newsletter

The Lake Cavanaugh newsletter is, like most things that happen in our community, an all-volunteer effort.  The goal is to bring our community together and keep you informed about events, issues, resources, etc.

The newsletter is one of many benefits of the $50 membership to the LCIA. This publication comes to you 4 times a year. Newsletters sent to all paid LCIA members in May, June, August and October.

What you will find in the newsletter:

Articles that are of interest to all Lake Cavanaugh residents, information about events such as the Fun Run, Labor Day weekend Fun Fest, Craft Fair, fundraisers, happy hours; boating regulations and safety tips; LCIA meetings; updates on lake levels and water quality; information about the Lake Cavanaugh Volunteer Fire Department and Auxiliary, volunteer opportunities and much more. 

Send your submissions for the newsletter to our volunteer editor Christine Nielsen, at

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