North Shore Update

By Larita and Brent Humble | October 2022

Since the closure of N Shore one year ago, we have been working diligently with the Skagit County Commissioners and Public Works as to a replacement. Unfortunately, Lake Cavanaugh is not at the top of their priority list/budget for several reasons, one of which is “amount of money spent per people served!” Public Works has twice put out counting strips in the off season and during the week thereby receiving an inaccurate number of “people served.” I, Larita sit in on Monday PW briefs to hear if N Shore is discussed and to determine if a budget is being created for our road. By doing so, I glean certain valuable information regarding other road projects giving me an advantage/ammunition to make valid points every Tuesday for my allotted 3-minute presentation during the Skagit County public comment period.

After the county’s August 2021 presentation here at the lake and possible repairs or replacements ranging in price from 3 to 7 million dollars, Brent and I stumbled upon another solution. The plan consisted of documents accessed through the public records on the county website including Geotech information. The two county “fixes” were a Gabion basket wall at 5.4 million and a soldier piling wall at 7.3 million dollars. Brent, armed with all of the Geotech studies, EIS studies and plans for both methods, worked with a company called Redi-Rock, Smokey Point Concrete, and an approved county construction company to price a less expensive alternative. There was a Zoom meeting held in March between Redi-Rock (presenters), Smokey Point, the contractor, the commissioners, public works, and the county engineers along with Brent and myself. The proposal for an engineered block wall was presented to the group at just under 3 million dollars. Redi-Rock has done similar projects (retaining walls in fresh and salt water) in Skagit and Whatcom Counties, so have a proven track record. The next day a special meeting was called by SC commissioners and PW (we were able to listen in but not speak) and somehow the county added 2 million dollars to our bids for permits! When I, Larita spoke with Peter Browning, our district commissioner, he could not explain to me the added dollars. So, after months of work, we were shot down. We personally think that it is because it was presented by private individuals instead of county officials.

I, Larita have used every viable point that I can think of per my research and presented at many commissioners public comment meetings, but to no avail! I am not giving up representing you and my community as I have made it very clear and apparent to the commissioners that even though my tenure as president ends on December 31st, I will see this through for my community until restoration is complete. I won’t bore you with all the details here, but please know that I continue to put many hours into this project for us. If you would like further details and information regarding N Shore, please call or email me. If there are any interested in the details that we have compiled and are available, I could plan a special meeting for those interested parties. This information is being provided to you in our final newsletter due out the first week of October 2022 and this update will be posted on our website.  Rest assured that I am working for you and will not quit until we receive the end results that we are looking for! Thank you for your time. Larita Humble 206.794.7141 or

If you would like to write to the commissioners regarding N Shore or for any other Skagit County business or concerns, please email them at: or

via USPS at: 1800 Continental Place, Suite 100, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

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