Voter Registration

Friends of the Lake. If you vote in another county and own property at the Lake, please consider switching your voter registration to Skagit County before it’s too late to be counted.

It is easy to register to vote, or to change your voting residence to Skagit County, go to If you have two residences, and one is in a larger county, remember your vote counts more in Skagit County.

Lake Cavanaugh property owners would be better served by Skagit County if more of us voted in this county.

The stats are damming. At the 11/05/19 Skagit County general election, The Lake Cavanaugh precinct reported 125 total votes. By contrast, the Big Lake Precinct, Clear Lake and Guemes Island Precincts reported total votes of 574, 380, and 386 votes respectively.

There are approximately 600 Lake Cavanaugh addresses around our Lake. Assuming only 2 adults at each address, results in over 1200 voters.

Adding children of voting age who do not vote elsewhere, increases that number. It also follows that in the event title to Lake property is held in an LLC, adult children of primary owners who are LLC members could register in this precinct if they did not vote elsewhere.

To vote in Skagit County, you have to be a legal resident of Skagit County and your precinct for at least 30 days prior to Election Day , a citizen of the U.S., and at least 18 years old by Election Day. RCW 77.08.075. If you own multiple residences in this state, you may only be registered to vote in in one location. You may maintain your registration at that address until you register to vote elsewhere.

Food for thought (and ACTION).
Chris Kane