Some of you have asked—What are LCIA membership dues used for? or What does the LCIA do?—Here is an in-depth overview of all that your LCIA membership dues include, and help support.

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The Lake Cavanaugh Improvement Association (LCIA) is committed to promoting activities for community participation and enjoyment for all lake residents, and to solve common problems and achieve common goals as stated in our bylaws. We are not a political group or organization but simply a community looking to better itself and create events and activities for all to enjoy. We are also not subsidized by anybody and we receive no tax money.

There is an open invitation to all lake residents to attend and join clubs and groups such as Garden Club, Bunco, Kids Club, Church in the summer, Happy Hour, Book Club, and special events, such as the Rummage Sale, and new activities such as the Classic Car Show. We end the season in September with the annual FunFest activities including: craft fair, golf tournament, games for kids and adults, and Labor Day Dance.

When we host these activities at the Community Center there are operating and building maintenance expenses that your dues are paying for. In simple terms this includes: cleaning supplies, paper products and so on. In other words, anything that’s in the cupboards has been donated or paid for by your dues. Volunteers take time out of their busy schedules to replenish supplies and keep the Community Center building supplied, in good condition and in working order.

There are monthly utilities: propane, electricity, telephone, and garbage pickup; and yearly inspections from the Health Department for the kitchen permit, for inspection and parts for the safety vent over the propane kitchen stove and inspection of the septic system. There is also water quality testing for the well and for the lake water. In addition, there are costs of maintaining the exterior of the building such as paint, roof, furnace, insurance, and the list goes on as it would with your own home, such as lawn care and window washing. We also sponsor a Dumpster Day each year in July for all residents to bring their castoff’s. We ask for a donation to help cover the dumpster expenses.

The LCIA also acts on behalf of your community in any government related endeavors or challenges. This would include communicating when snow plowing is needed, North Shore repair, boat launch updates, chip sealing schedules, updates on logging, etc. While there are no dollars related to these endeavors, these are just a few of the items that the LCIA provides for you. We are not subsidized by any other group or entity but strictly maintain communications through our own LCIA community and volunteers.

We have done significant property improvements in the last four years that required considerable expense, thus the fundraising events that we have asked the community to contribute to.

  • The concrete parking area at the Community Center was built by volunteer labor and was also equipped with sport court equipment which enables a variety of games—double duty here.
  • Another sport court for volleyball and badminton has been installed on the grass over the foot bridge and a permanent horseshoe pit has been built in that area.
  • In 2021 the exterior of the building was repainted for the first time since it was built in 2010.
  • Just last year in 2022 the remainder of the parking area was asphalted.

A little bit of background for those who haven’t been on the lake until recently: The Community Center building was built totally by volunteer help and donated material and funds. It was completed in 2010 and open for use. There are still volunteers donating their time and materials to keep our Community Center running. There is an article later in this Special Edition listing the volunteer positions we need help with.

It Pays to Join the LCIA

Support your community, stay informed, and enjoy the many benefits included in your membership. Please visit our website with options to pay online via PayPal or by mail.

The benefits you receive when you pay dues and join the LCIA

  • You will receive the full Newsletter four more times this year to inform you about the activities that are happening during that time and any news around the lake. These four newsletter include the advertisers that help support us. You can also see the advertisers on the lake website. All of the newsletters are digital.
  • You will receive a welcome letter from our one of our volunteers with the passwords for the website “Members Only Section” which is where you find the downloadable phone and address Directory for the lake.
  • As a property owner and a dues paying member, you will be a voting member of the LCIA. When you attend any of four meetings that the LCIA conducts each summer you will be able to voice your opinion and concerns along with your vote for our proposed projects. You have a voice. You have a vote. Anyone is welcome at these meetings, member or not. Please join us. As a dues paying member you receive a reduced rate when renting the Community Center for a private party. You need not be a member to join in any of the community activities or events, but your membership dollars and donations go a long way to support your Community Center and the activities the LCIA provides.

Thank you for your continued support!
Looking forward to seeing you all this summer!