Let’s work together to get the road open!

At this point, and a year and half after the N Shore closure, I continue to diligently work and communicate with the Skagit County Commissioners and Public Works to find a solution or resolution for N Shore.

Unfortunately, Lake Cavanaugh is not at the top of their priority list/budget for several reasons, one of which is “amount of money spent per people served!” I sit in on Monday public works briefs to hear if N Shore is discussed and to determine if a budget is being created for our road. By doing so, I glean certain valuable information regarding other road projects giving me an advantage/ammunition to make valid points every Tuesday for my allotted 3-minute presentation during the Skagit County public comment period. I have used every viable point that I can think of and per my research presenting at the commissioners public comment meetings, but to no avail!

The county places a road counter annually to determine the number of cars using our roads and the number is too low in our remote area for them to even consider the project. The counting strips have been placed during the off season and mid-week thereby receiving an inaccurate number of “people served.” They have since agreed to place counters during the summer and over a weekend.

Commissioners and public works are well aware of the inconvenience and frustrations that we undergo on a daily basis. They don’t care if it takes longer to drive around the lake, or what transpires with our garbage, mail or deliveries or care about the added stress on S Shore making that road deteriorate more rapidly. More importantly, they are sympathetic of our emergency needs but ultimately do not have the funds to assist such a small community.

I recently presented a human interest story regarding one of our neighbors and the hoops that he had to jump through recently to receive a package at the barrier. SO……..my question to you is…would you be willing or do you have a personal story that has had a negative impact on you and your family due to the closure? If so, would you be willing to contact me and tell me your story so that I may present it to the commissioners and public works?

I am not giving up representing you and my community as I have made it very clear and apparent to the commissioners and public works that even though my tenure as president ended on December 31st, 2022, I will see this project through for my community until restoration is complete.

If you would like to write to the commissioners regarding N Shore or for any other Skagit County business or concerns, please email them at: commissioners@co.skagit.wa.us or

via USPS at: 1800 Continental Place, Suite 100, Mount Vernon, WA 98273 or if you would be interested in joining the Tuesday, 11:30 AM public comment meeting, you many do so via Zoom at https://skagitcounty.net/Departments/CountyCommissioners/main.htm or in person at their Continental Place meeting room.

Rest assured that I am working for you and will not quit until we receive the end results that we are looking for! I won’t bore you with all the details here, but please know that I continue to put many hours into this project for us. If you would like further details and information regarding N Shore, please call or email me.

Let’s work together to get the road open! Thank you for any help that you are able to provide.