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Kids Club was a dream that began by reaching out to families a year and a half ago. Since it’s inception; the kids, parents and grandparents have literally come out of the woodwork to help create amazing events for all our Cavanaugh kids. It’s a great opportunity to meet new neighbors while the kids play.

Activities range from coloring, games and LEGO’s, to special occasion events like Halloween costume parties, Easter egg hunts, holiday crafting and much more. And let’s not forget hose beautiful and creative snacks that volunteers have provided. Thanks to everyone that helps with these events!

The kids club is held most months between March and November on the third Saturday of each month. Check out or subscribe to the LCIA website events calendar to always find the most up to date schedule.

Kids Club needs volunteers set up and tear down of tables and games, providing and or coordinating snacks and extra assistance for special events such as Halloween and the Easter Egg hunt.