Third Annual Wheels at the Lake

Saturday, July 13th from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Here we are in 2024, let’s rally some wheels at the lake shore.
Meet up on the 13th of July, we hope you continue to like the reason why.
Open up your garage bay, fire up that ride, enjoy the day.
Cars and motorcycles to view, we are working on some food too!
From electric to steam and everything between.
Invite your friends with a vehicle to share, come on up, enjoy the lake air.
What ever happened to the Amphicar? It would certainly be a star.
11 AM to 3 PM is the time, entrance won’t cost you a dime.
Come down to the community center and have some fun.
Talk cars and bikes and relax in the sun.

Please contact:
Rene Mather at 425-772-6428 or
Larita (Tweetie) Humble at 206-794-7141

Wheels at the Lake