Skagit County Commission Meeting- Shoreline Master Program

Planning Commission Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, April 01, 2014, 6 pm · Commissioners Hearing Room · 1800 Continental Place, Mount Vernon
1. Call to Order / Agenda Review
2. Public Remarks
This time on the agenda is an opportunity for anyone to speak to the Planning Commission about any topic except items that are scheduled on the agenda for a public hearing that same day, or items that have had a public hearing and are still under Planning Commission deliberation. Public remarks, which is not part of the formal public participation process for any development regulation or comprehensive plan amendment project, is limited to three minutes per speaker and up to fifteen minutes total.
3. Planning Commission Retreat
This will be a general discussion regarding a possible retreat for the Planning Commission.
4. Shoreline Master Program
Work session on the Shoreline Master Program February 4 draft. Sections scheduled for review:
· Part VI Legally Established Pre-Existing Uses and Structures
· Part VII: Administration
· SCC 14.26.400 overview of Shoreline Uses and Modification Matrix
· SCC 14.26.405 Dimensional Standards
· SCC 14.26.410 Agricultural Activities and Comp Plan 6C-1
Staff has also prepared a memo with additional changes to these sections.
5. Department Update
Staff may provide updates on the status of work program items, answer questions raised in public comment and respond to questions or concerns from the Planning Commission.
6. Planning Commissioner Comments and Announcements
Planning Commissioners may update the Commission on relevant news and events.
7. Adjourn

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Frontier press release 1/3/14

Frontier Communications Expands Broadband Service to Lake Cavanaugh Area
Residents, Businesses Now Have Access to Leading-Edge Services

MOUNT VERNON, WASH. – January 3, 2014 – Continuing its mission to connect rural America with leading-edge communications services, Frontier Communications (NASDAQ: FTR) has completed its extension of broadband Internet service to residents and businesses in the Lake Cavanaugh area of Skagit County.

Denise Sperle, Frontier General Manager for Mount Vernon, said the Lake Cavanaugh project is part of a strategy made possible through subsidies from the Federal Connect America Fund (CAF).  Approximately 432 homes that have not previously had Internet service will now have access.

“Frontier continues to invest in and expand its leading-edge broadband network in rural Washington,” Sperle said. “We are pleased to bring access to the Lake Cavanaugh community, and are committed to making broadband service available to residential and business customers throughout all our markets.”

Consumers now have access to service up to 24 megabits per second (Mbps) through Frontier’s Broadband Ultra and Ultimate services. Businesses have access to service up to 40 Mbps download and up to 5 Mbps upload – a level that supports video security and the transfer of large files. Frontier also offers speeds up to 1 Gigabit through its Ethernet platform.  Frontier’s service starts at just $19.99/month for download speeds up to 6Mbps, when bundled with qualifying phone services.  No contract is required, and the price is guaranteed for two years.  Customers can double their speed for just $10 more per month

Frontier High Speed Internet

Frontier high speed internet will be available very soon.  Frontier has buried a fiber cable from highway 530 up to the northwest side of the lake.

The speeds available are dependent  on the distance between  your home and the hub located at the southwest corner of the lake.

Pricing starts at $19.99 for up to 6meg download speeds with unlimited amount of downloads unlike  Satellite companies that have a cap on their downloads.

If you are interested in being notified when the service is activated, send your name, address, Frontier phone number (if applicable) and a contact number.  Your can contact John Gentry at or 425-582-1740

Judyrae Kruse, The Everett Herald’s Voice for Snohomish County Homemakers and Lake Cavanaugh Resident, Retires

After 36 years as The Herald’s voice for Snohomish County homemakers, Judyrae Kruse is retiring.

Judy was hired to write the Forum, a column designed to exchange readers’ recipes and homemaking tips, on April 18, 1977.  To read Judy’s column is to read a diary of life in Snohomish County: Recipes for slow-cooker stew and make-ahead casseroles followed the school year.  She shared an idea for dinner pulled from the pantry after a week of snow and ice.  When the weather warmed, the recipes cooled: crisp salads and gelatin desserts, ideas for grilling.

She knows first-hand when it’s time to share some expertise with fish.  Judy’s husband, Wayne Kruse, is The Herald’s longtime fishing and hunting writer.  While Wayne told readers where to find the salmon, Judy told them how to fix it once it came home.

When someone was looking for a particular recipe – “it was a cookie, crisp, with some kind of spice” – Judy sent out an SOS.  And readers responded.  If they didn’t have a recipe that fit the bill, they often shared something they thought might be equally nice.  “My kids love these cookies.”

Occasionally, without warning, a recipe would strike a chord.  Who knew county residents ate so much Green Goddess dressing?  After a request, the deluge of recipes continued for months.

How many ways are there to make snickerdoodles?  Many.  Many ways, many readers, many recipes.  Judy published them all.  That’s because she understood the focus of the column: It was not the recipes themselves, but the readers, the names of friends and neighbors, schoolmates and co-workers, that were important.

Judy was not averse to a rerun if someone pleaded for the directions they’d lost.  And she knew that some recipes just had to be run every year, like the annual “dinner in a pumpkin.”

If some recipes were crazy popular and some became a tradition, the columns that garnered the most thoughtful – and the most poignant – responses were reader requests for help recreating a childhood dish, often something made by a mother long gone.

Readers shared stories of their childhoods in towns across the country, tough times during the Depression or times of deprivation during World War II, and how their mothers created treats, such as the potato candy from the 1930s, for their kids, no matter what.

Judy may be retiring, but she leaves a rich legacy based on the most basic of values: family, home and hearth.  Her columns weave together the story of our lives, the story of Snohomish County, in a way that is comforting and familiar, entertaining and instructive, humble and homey.  Just like the woman herself.  Just like Judyrae Kruse.

BY THE NUMBERS   Judyrae Kruse’s Forum column has been a fixture in The Herald for three decades.  Here’s the breakdown:

Years written: 36

Columns written: 2,496

Letters received: 14,400

Recipes: 3,744

Dog biscuit recipes: 144

Missed deadlines: 0


**Judyrae and her husband, Wayne, wanted to be sure to share the following news, which is Wayne’s edited version of the story which first appeared in The Everett Herald on May 22, 2013. 

Burn Ban will be lifted on 9/23/13



The outdoor burn ban will be lifted for all of the unincorporated areas of Skagit County as of 8:00 a.m., Monday, September 23, 2013.

This decision was made by the Skagit County Fire Marshal’s Office in conjunction with neighboring counties.

If you reside within an incorporated city or town, or within an urban growth area, in Skagit County, please contact your city fire department for burn restriction information.

In unincorporated Skagit County (outside of urban growth areas), you may burn a pile four feet by four feet (or smaller) of natural vegetation without a permit.    Burn Permits from the Skagit County Deputy Fire Marshal are required if you plan to burn a larger pile.

You can leave a message for the Deputy Fire Marshal at (360) 419-7789.   He will be compiling a list of those that request a burn permit and will be contacting each person in the order their request is received.

Only natural vegetation (leaves, grass and tree trimmings) may be burned.  It is never legal to burn any of the following: garbage, household trash, lumber, building construction waste or demolition debris.

The Skagit County Fire Marshal’s Office would like to thank the public for their cooperation in supporting our fire prevention efforts during the burn ban.

To find out more information regarding the burn program, please see the Fire Marshal page on the Skagit County website,  or contact the Skagit County Deputy Fire Marshal at (360) 419-7703.

Burn ban modified

Skagit County burn restrictions modified

SKAGIT COUNTY – Due to an increase of fuel moisture levels and available fire resources, the Fire Marshal’s Office will modify the burn restrictions in unincorporated areas of Skagit County to allow recreational burning only. This change will be effective as of Friday, August 16, 2013, at 1:00 pm.

Recreational fires are those used for cooking and pleasure and consist only of charcoal or firewood. As of August 16, all recreational fires must meet the following criteria:

  • Fires must be in an enclosure that is a minimum of 18 inches high, no larger than three feet across, and made of cement block, stones, or #10 gauge steel.
  • Burned materials must be kept lower than the sidewalls of the enclosure.
  • A charged garden hose, or two, five-gallon buckets of water, or a 5 gallon class-A fire extinguisher with a shovel must be on site.
  • Fires must be 10 feet from any standing timber and there must be no tree branches within 10 feet above the enclosure.
  • There must be at least one person 16 years of age or older who is capable of putting the fire out in attendance at all times.


Debris-burning fires are not allowed until further notice. If residing within the city limits of any of the incorporated cities or towns, contact your city fire department for current burning restrictions.


The permanent open burning ban remains in effect in the cities of Anacortes, Burlington, Concrete, Hamilton, La Conner, Lyman, Mount Vernon, Sedro Woolley, and their urban growth areas. For more information on the burn ban in these cities, contact the Northwest Clean Air Agency at (360) 428-1617 or visit


If your property falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Natural Resources, please call (360) 856-3500 for burn permit information.


For more information or questions regarding open burning in Skagit County, please contact the Skagit County Deputy Fire Marshal at (360) 419-7703. For a complete list of all Recreational Burning conditions, visit


29th Annual Lake Cav Fun Fest 2013!

Fishing Derby                                                          Sharon Crider – 422-5509

Ongoing                                                                  Call Sharon to sign up


Saturday, August 31st


Golf Tournament                                                            Ann Riggs – 422-5819

Tee times start at 8:00am                                                           Call Ann to sign up

Horseshoe Tournament                                         Joe Brown & Moe Wagner

Community Center- after the LCIA meeting                    422-7805 / 422-5026


Hobie Cat Races - 1:00 pm                                   Doug and Darcy Brookens

Meet ¼ mile west of Fire hall on                                                            422-7601

South Shore Drive. 16 ft craft only.

May change due to wind conditions



Sunday, September 1st

Craft Fair - 11:00am-3:30pm                                                   Angela Staab

Community Center                                                                        652-2100


Volleyball - 12:30pm                                         Mike and Kathryn Renstrom

Community Center


Kid’s Games - 3:00pm                                       Mike and Kathryn Renstrom

Community Center


Egg Toss - After Kid’s Games

Community Center

Prizes awarded at each event!

Fun Fest Chair     Lori Langberg  422-5287

It’s back, and better than ever!  Please join the rest of the Lake Cavanaugh community for the 29th annual Lake Cavanaugh Fun Fest. Please see the corresponding document for all the information! And remember the Dance and Root Beer Floats on Sunday night!


Dumpster Update

By Dennis Katte

Dumpster Day ran for one day only this year, and the final tabs are in. We collected  11,140 pounds of “goodies” in the dumpsters and 1000 more pounds of iron, steel and aluminum which was taken to Seattle Iron and Metal.  Mick Steinman volunteered using his trailer again and hauled it down to Seattle. The check for the scrap metal was $185.00. This also saved paying for tonnage to Waste Management. We were lucky this year in that there were no “night deposits” left alongside the locked-up dumpsters when they were unmanned.

The total net income was $565. This was not as high as several years past, but as old original cabins are torn down and rebuilt into homes, the discards and junk diminish. Yet, the two dumpsters were almost filled to capacity. The fees for the dumpsters totaled  $1132.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t thank all of our paying customers who blessed us with their drop-offs. We had returning customers as well as “first timers”.  In fact, I was given a $100 dollar bill simply as gratitude for our group providing the service for the lake. Thank you all for your generosity. It’s a great community project, so save your stuff for next year!

A big thanks to trash collectors Kurt Wold, Joe Geivett, Bob McCulloch, Don Sleight, Shannon O’Kelley, Brent Humble, Chris Kane, Fred Stoll and Steve Dolan who crewed for the group. We all had a good time doing it together and will look forward to it again next year.

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