Lake News

Lake Cavanaugh Road to Oso Closure

less than 1 minute read

Lake Cavanaugh road from Hyw 530 to the Snohomish/Skagit County line will be closed between 07:00am on 07/10/2023 through 05:00pm 07/28/2023 for repairs.

Puget Sounds Energy Upgrade Project

1 minute read

Lake Cavanaugh Road Electric System Reliability Improvement Project In an ongoing effort to deliver safe and reliable energy to the Lake Cavanaugh area, PSE ...

Message from the President

1 minute read

When my wife and I were first introduced to the Lake Cavanaugh community in the mid-1980’s, we certainly had no idea we would ever own property on the lake. ...

2023 Membership Drive - Join Today!

4 minute read

Some of you have asked—What are LCIA membership dues used for? or What does the LCIA do?—Here is an in-depth overview of all that your LCIA membership dues i...

North Shore Update

2 minute read

Let’s work together to get the road open!

Volunteers Needed

1 minute read

These first two positions are very important to the community.

Fire Department Auxiliary

less than 1 minute read

As the new President of LCFDA I am looking forward to 2023 in a very positive and productive way. I look forward to working with the Community and the LCIA. ...

Starry Nights at Lake Cavanaugh

1 minute read

Little cute cabins dotted the Lake shore in 1957. I was five years old. Coleman lanterns sent warm dim light across the water, sometimes aided by a brighter ...

Cavanaugh Kids Club

less than 1 minute read

Kids Club was a dream that began by reaching out to families a year and a half ago. Since it’s inception; the kids, parents and grandparents have literally c...