Lake Cavanaugh Improvement Association is a Washington non-profit association founded in 1953 for the following purposes:

  1. To promote a spirit of friendship and cooperation amongst Lake Cavanaugh property owners and residents;
  2. To provide for a better understanding of a means for solving problems and achieving goals common to all; and
  3. To provide a means for mutual protection against any influences considered detrimental to the Lake Community.

Articles I and II, Bylaws of the LCIA, approved 2008

Lake Cavanaugh Improvement Association Board of Trustees
2018 Officers
President:  Rob Pattermann
Vice President:  Shannon O’Kelley
Treasurer:   Matt Douglas
Secretary:   Gary Duvall
Trustees:    Dan Pugerude, Christine Nielson, Chris Kane, Mick Steinman
2018 LCIA Community Meetings at the Community Center
May 26, 10 a.m.


Membership dues for the LCIA are $40.00 per  year, Gift subscriptions to the newsletter are $20.00 per year.

You can mail your check to

LCIA, 35022 South Shore Drive, Mount  Vernon, WA 98274-9362

or send form and dues/donations electronically (via PayPal)


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